Meditate & Relax with Inner Wisdom Cards

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You deserve to thrive.

When you need a mood boost or a new mantra to focus on in meditation, open your tin of Inner Wisdom Cards, pick a random card and reflect on its message. The unique message and chakra-inspired image will help you tap into your highest & best self.

The tin of 50 cards is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or yoga bag and durable enough to withstand repeated use. There’s also one card for you to give to a friend.

Which Inner Wisdom Card deck do you want to sell?

Choose original Inner Wisdom Cards for general chakra balancing.


Choose Inner Wisdom for Abundance to help you balance your chakras and meditate on the many forms of wealth available to you.


Choose Inner Wisdom for Relationships to help you balance your chakras and focus on aspects of healthy relationships, so you can enjoy yourself and others more.


Choose Inner Wisdom for Wellbeing to help you balance your chakras and focus on the innate wellbeing that is your birthright.


Read more about chakras at the Bliss & Wisdom Blog.

Size: 3.7″w x 2.3″l x .75″h  weight: 3.3 oz