How To Get More Peace In Your Life

Katie finds peace through chakra balancing meditation, using Inner Wisdom Cards


Do you want more peace in your life?  I know I did. Many of my friends want more peace in their lives, too.  Yet there’s a common misconception about peace. Many people believe peace is something that comes from outside. The truth is: peace comes from within.

“How can I feel peaceful when my kids are fighting, or my parents are fighting, or my friends are fighting?” You may wonder. Perhaps you think you’ll be able to feel at peace if only you can get more money, or a better job, or if you can move to a quieter street. 

Peace is a choice. It is a choice we make moment by moment. It is a simple choice, but that does not make it an easy choice. 

“This is the way of peace,” wrote the great spiritual teacher known in her later years simply as Peace Pilgrim in Steps Toward Inner Peace, “Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”

“All of us can work for peace,” she continued. “We can work right where we are, right within ourselves, because the more peace we have within our own lives, the more we can reflect into the outer situation.”

So, how can you attain a peaceful state? How do you make that choice? It starts with creating quiet.  This doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone in your house to turn off their radios and stop talking out loud. This doesn’t mean you have to find a mountaintop where you can be alone. It means you start by creating a stillness within. That’s where meditation can help.

Through meditation, you create a stillness, you find your center, and you begin to feel more at ease. There are many types of meditation (see the blog post from 3/18/15 for examples).  Some forms of meditation involve sitting still, watching the breath or using a simple word or phrase as a focal point.  Other forms of meditation involve movement, like yoga, tai chi, or even walking.

If you take the time to meditate, in whatever form appeals to you, I promise you that you will begin to feel more peaceful. Then, as Peace Pilgrim suggested, you will be able to bring your inner peace into every situation, everywhere you go.