How to Use Chakra Meditation in Your Yoga Class or Personal Practice

It's easy to add chakra meditation to your personal yoga practice, and it's easy to add chakra meditation to a yoga class you're teaching! Yoga teachers & life coaches are using Inner Wisdom Cards to enhance their practice and work with clients.

In your personal practice try the following:

1. Chakra balancing:

Lay out all the Inner Wisdom Cards in the set, and choose 1 card of each color that most resonates with you in the moment. Lay your 7 chakra cards in a line or semi circle in front of you. Take a moment to reflect on each one. Feel the energy of the image and message on each card affect your subtle energy field.

In a class you're teaching try:

1. Personalized Reflection:

Invite each student to choose an Inner Wisdom Card at random & reflect on it during pranayama, asana, or savasana.

2. Chakra-themed Yoga Class:

Create a themed yoga class inspired by your favorite Inner Wisdom Card. Choose poses to activate and strengthen that specific chakra. Incorporate the message from the card into the guided meditation at the start or end of class.