The Doorway to Meditation

"Sitting meditation isn't my thing."

A friend recently told me that after meditating for five minutes her mind gets too restless to continue. "I'm not good at it," she said. "Sitting meditation just isn't my thing. Now, walking the dogs is my meditation."

To paraphrase Swami Kripalu, meditation is not about the position, but about the mindset. If sitting doesn't work for you for any reason, and if you have found another way to meditate, whether through movement or creating art or something else, then that's great. However, I want to address my friend’s comment, because it is a lot like what I've heard many people say.

"I'm not good at meditation."

There is really no such thing as being “good” or “bad" at meditation. In fact, a major reason to meditate is to release the energy of judgment from your mind.

Real Meditation Begins When Thoughts Arise 
My friend, meditation doesn't end when thoughts arise. The moment that thoughts arise is actually when the real meditation begins. This is your chance to notice your habits of mind! Don’t judge them; witness them.

Observe any patterns of thought you’ve developed. Notice how those patterns make you feel. This non-judgemental observation will help you discover whether your habits of mind hold you back, or actually uplift you and help you move forward into growth. If you discover a thought pattern that holds you back, you have the power to release it, to replace it with a better feeling stream of thought, and let that uplifting stream carry you toward the highest version of yourself.
Walk Through The Doorway

You were born to discover and express the highest version of yourself. Don't let thought stop you from your birthright. Let it be a doorway to the beautiful journey that awaits!